Luxury penthouses for sale in Lucknow

Oranje castle offers Luxury duplex Apartments for sale in Lucknow

Oranje Castle , Suraj Infraventures, Lucknow

Construction in Progress Luxury 3|4|5 BHK | Apartments | Duplexes | Penthouses
1810 sq ft 3 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms
2007 sq ft 3 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms
2778 sq ft 3 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms1 Lounge2 Dressrooms1 powderroom4 Balcony
3116 sq ft 4 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms1 powderroom1 Dressrooms1 Lounge4 Balcony

Oranje Castle | Suraj Infraventures - Project Brief

Oranje Castle - "Bungalow in The air"

"House isn't a location, it is a feeling".

The Space we construct is yours to occupy, one that provides serenity, and contains a backyard to pursue butterflies in. From simply contacting a room as your house, to contacting a perspective as your personal. All of these and more, along with your bungalow in-the-air.

"Carefree Zone".

A description of risk-free and enjoyable - The car free area is a room where children can play, the center of the home surpasses using the laugh of children.

Ever thought about what's the most defining part of your lifetime? One you determine with, one that's interchangeable with YOU always, it's your room, your house obtaining all types collectively getting to the sound of chirping birds, to the wind of oxygen, in the scent of vegetables. Combine it all together with the laugh of your kids, your parents' peaceful stroll. .

"A novel place for all, where all species are together".

So huge that you simply cannot skip it, a small iconism never did any damage. A space that says all that you want to hear for magnificence is the resounding answer, for your guests, for you, for a memory that draws itself from the grand doors of the castle before.

Oranje Castle Suraj Infraventures Site Plan

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